Features of Weeder Attachment

Our Weeder / Tiller  attachment is used to make the soil loose and smooth the soil before planting and after planting the crops. It also controls the weeds from agricultural field.

Features of Chainsaw Attachment
A chainsaw is a portable, mechanical saw which cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a guide bar. It is used in activities such as tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks  and harvesting of firewood. Chainsaws with specially designed bar and chain combinations have been developed as tools for use in chainsaw mills

Features of Hedge Trimmer Attachment
A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool or machine used for trimming , cutting, pruning hedges or solitary shrubs ,bushes , leaves or twigs
Trimming your hedges and trees is a lot of work. If you try to get it done with shears, you’ll find yourself spending a significant amount of time and wearing yourself out needlessly. Hedge trimmers allow you to get your hedges and shrubs looking just right without it taking up too much time or energy. The right hedge trimmer makes the work efficient, safe, and fast


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